How to Book a USA Visa Appointment

Trying to book a  USA visa appointment is a bit like fishing in a huge lake with very few fish; you would expect there to be plenty of USA visa appointments at US Consulates, but in reality they are scarce. Anyone applying for a US visa from Canada or the United States must attend a compulsory interview at a US Consulate in Canada. Visa applicants are not allowed to interview in the States even though this may be their legal place of residence.

You can book a USA visa appointment in any of the following ways:

1. Visit the government website to book a USA visa appointment online

The US government subcontracts its visa appointment service to a private compan called Computer Sciences Corporation. They operate the online website and determine the number of visa appointments available each day.

You must create a personal profile by entering your passport number, date of birth and DS-160 confirmation number. You then enter your personal details, the type of US visa you require and details of your dependents. Once you have this profile you can look for and check the online diary as many times as you want.

Observations: You need to search day and night. The USA visa appointments appear one or two at a time, in the middle of the night. They are snapped up by insomniac US visa applicants leaving the rest of us to chain ourselves to the PC for the next week. If you are applying for a non immigrant visa which is not a B1 or B2 visa your chance of finding an appointment is even slimmer If you are applying for an H or L visa you must book on a certain day of the week although this is not stated on the website.

2. Call the USA visa call center to book a USA visa appointment over the phone

You can call from the US or Canada between 7am and 10pm Eastern time and speak to an agent who can answer your questions and look for an appointment for you.

Observations: The US visa call center is a privately run by Computer Sciences Corporation. When you phone, your call will be held in a queue. The agent can only find an appointment if there is one available in the online diary and as many of these are added overnight so your call will be in vain.

3. Book a USA visa appointment with professionals

Most of us don’t have the time to look for a visa appointment around the clock and that’s why so many people turn to a specialist visa appointment company like IVT. All you have to do is fill out IVT’s visa application formpay with PayPal and wait for a call confirming the date and time of your appointment. IVT prepare you for your visa interview and make sure that you take all of the right documentation with you. Best of all, if IVT can’t get you an appointment within the agreed time frame you get your money back and that’s guaranteed.

Questions about US Visa Appointments? Read our US Visa FAQs

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