USA Mexico Border Crossing Card

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The SENTRI pass is a  border crossing card, which can be used to cross from the USA to Mexico. Over 175,000 people from both countries have enrolled in the program making their travel across both US and Mexican borders faster and stress-free. The pass guarantees a swift border crossing with minimum wait times at both ports of entry. The SENTRI card was first introduced in 1995 in Otay Mesa, California. Today there are 16 SENTRI lanes at nine of the US Mexico border posts:

San Ysidro, CA

Calexico, CA;

Nogales, AZ

El Paso, TX (two lanes)

Laredo, TX

Hidalgo, TX

Brownsville, TX

How SENTRI Card Transmits Data

When you join the dedicated  lane at the US Mexican border your RFID  card transmits a signal with your personal SENTRI card ID number.  It does the same thing for all other card holders traveling in your vehicle. Your data appears on the border official’s computer screen. It is cross checked with law enforcement databases in Mexico and the US as well as with license plate readers. The customs and border patrol guard verifies the data when you arrive at the  inspection point. As a low risk traveler your personal information is held on the Customs and Border Patrol computer and not directly on your SENTRI card.

How to Apply for a SENTRI Pass

If you are not already a holder of the SENTRI border crossing card, then you can apply quickly and easily using IVT’s downloadable and printable application form. Just follow these easy steps to get your card:

STEP 1: Fill out the application form on this site

STEP 2: Pay the appropriate fee through PayPal

STEP 2: Print off the form and fax  it to IVT along with copies of relevant supporting documents OR and email it to us at

STEP 3: We enter your personal information onto the US Mexico border authority database. 
Our skill is in accurately entering the information and interpreting the government jargon associated with the application form. IVT services save you time and money especially if you are applying for cards for your whole family or business associates.

STEP 4: We pay the application fee and send you an email acknowledging that your data has been submitted for US Mexico border authority approval.

STEP 5: US and Mexican border authorities and law enforcement agencies run checks to determine if you have a criminal or immigration violation against you. 
Any traveler with a criminal record or immigration violation will be automatically denied from the program. If the checks come back showing that you do not have any criminal or immigration record, IVT receive notification that you are conditionally approved onto the program.

STEP 6: IVT help you book your SENTRI interview at one of the enrollment centers in Texas, Arizona or California.
In order to qualify for your card you must attend a 30 minute interview with US and Mexican border officials. IVT send you an email with instructions on how to schedule your appointment or you can email us back with preferred dates and times and we schedule the interview for you. You have 180 days to do this.  If you fail to book an appointment in this time you will be denied access to the  program and will have to pay new enrolment fees should you decide to reapply again.

Inaccurate or incomplete application forms are automatically denied access to the SENTRI cards program.

More questions about SENTRI? Read our FAQs

Terms and Conditions

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