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Traveler Declaration Card (TDC)

A Traveler Declaration Card (TDC) will speed up land border crossings for all Canadian travelers who are FAST pass or NEXUS card holders; CANPASS and NEXUS card holders can use the form for air arrivals in Canada. Travelers can use the traveler declaration card (TDC) to detail all of the goods that they have bought or been given whilst staying outside of Canada. You can get a TDC from any NEXUS Interview center or FAST card enrollment center.

TDC Eligibility

You must be enrolled on an approved trusted traveler program like NEXUS or FAST in order to use the Traveler Declaration Card, however you are not allowed to a traveler declaration card if you are carrying prohibited or restricted items or if you are importing cigarettes and cigars, which no duty has been paid or tobacco sticks, cigarillos, jewelry or watches worth over$50. You must use the regular lanes when traveling by road if you have goods to declare. If traveling by air you may use the dedicated NEXUS or CANPASS lanes but you must choose the cashier option.

If you are unsure whether the items you are bringing in to Canada should be declared you should consult the tariff guide in your traveler declaration book.

The length of time you have spent outside of Canada dictates the value of the goods you can bring back into Canada; if you have been away for a day or less you may bring in goods to the value of CAN $50. The goods must be transported with you on your arrival in Canada. You are not allowed to include tobacco products or alcoholic beverages as part of your personal exemption. If you bring in goods whose total value exceeds $50 you mustpay full duty on all of the goods you bring into the country.

If your stay lasted up to two days you can bring goods worth $400. The goods must be transported with you on your arrival in Canada. You are allowed to include some tobacco products or alcoholic beverages as part of your personal exemption.

For stays of 7 days the value increases to $750. The goods don’t have to be transported with you on your arrival in Canada. You are allowed to include some tobacco products or alcoholic beverages as part of your personal exemption. If you bring back goods that exceed these values you cannot use a TDC and must make a personal declaration to a customs officer.

More detailed information about personal expemptions can be found here.

Completing a Traveler Declaration Card

You must fill out your Traveler Declaration Card in black or blue ink pen. If you make any errors when filling out your card, start a new card rather than trying to correct the card with the error. You must also ensure that the number printed on the front cover of your Traveler Declaration Card is exactly the same as that on each of the TDC’s printed in your booklet. You should fill out the TDC before you get to the Customs desk.

Next check your TDC booklet to ensure that you are not carrying items listed above. If none of your items are listed on the guide you should check category 4, “Miscellaneous goods not elsewhere specified.”

If you spent less than 24 hours out of Canada, you should leave the box entitled ‘Exemption’ blank otherwise write in the period that you have been away from Canada during one trip.

You must place a value on the goods you are bringing in to Canada. You must do this in either Canadian dollars or US dollars and not a combination of the two. The currency you choose for valuation should be marked on the TDC.

You must declare where the items you are importing were made. If more than half of your items were not made in Canada or the United States, you should check the ‘Other’ box, otherwise choose USA or Canada.

You must categorize your goods according to the categories listed on the TDC and put the value of your goods including sales tax in each category.

Finally, you must sign the TDC, print your name and put the current date on the card.

Once you have completed the traveler declaration card you should put the original copy into the TDC deposit box or give it to the customs officer and keep the carbon copy for your own records.

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