Global Entry for Children

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US Customs & Border Protection recently announced that children of all ages can apply to use the Global Entry kiosks at major US airports to expedite entry into the USA.

Your child must be one of the following:

US citizen or legal permanent resident

Canadian Citizen or legal permanent resident

Mexican Citizen.

Your child’s Global Entry application must contain supporting documentation otherwise your child may be denied admission to the Global Entry program. All infants and children require the consent of a parent or legal guardian to apply for Global Entry. Global Entry applications for children are scrutinized in the same way as an adult Global Entry application; however fewer child applications for Global Entry are denied as few children have criminal and immigration violations compared to adult Global Entry applicants. In most cases when a child is denied Global Entry, the reason comes down to incomplete or inaccurate information provided on the application form.

You can apply for a child Global Entry pass even if you or their other parent or guardian is not a Global Entry member. Parents who share custody of their children should carry copies of the legal custody documents. It is also recommended that they have a letter of authorization from the other custodial parent to take the child on a trip out of the country. Such a letter will confirm that the child is not being abducted or taken against his or her will. The parents’ full name, address and telephone number should be Included in the letter of authorization.

All infants must attend a compulsory Global Entry interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center of your choice. At the interview, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian who has legal custody of the child; families will be interviewed in one meeting. The parent or guardian must present documentary evidence proving their custodial rights and proof that there are no restrictions on the child’s removal from the custodial jurisdiction. The Global Entry officer will scrutinize the documents to ascertain that the parents or guardians applying for Global Entry membership for children is actually the parents or legal guardians of the child applicant.

Inaccurate or incomplete application forms are automatically denied access to the Global Entry program.


How to Apply?

Download the simplified application form for the Global Entry program and choose between the two service options which are described below.

  • STEP 1: Download the Global Entry application by clicking on the “Download Application” button above. Complete the form and save it.
  • STEP 2: Send the completed Global Entry form and supporting documents to us using e-mail or fax. The supporting documents are: passport, drivers license and permanent resident card if applicable. Our e-mail is: The fax number is: 1-877-770-7096
  • STEP 3: Click on the blue payment button to complete the IVT service fee though PayPal.
  • Step 4: On receipt of your Global Entry application form and payment, your data and documents will be carefully reviewed and submitted to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency for background and law enforcement checks.
  • Step 5: IVT contact you with your completed Trusted Traveler profile so that you can check for status changes with your application. If your application is Conditionally Approved, you can set an appointment for an interview with the US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

To qualify for your Global Entry card you must attend a Global Entry Program interview with US border officials. We will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule your Global Entry program appointment or you can email us back with preferred dates and times and we schedule the interview for you. You have 180 days to do this.  If you fail to book an appointment in this time you will be denied access to the Global Entry card program and will have to pay new enrollment fees should you decide to join Global Entry card again.

Global Entry Service Options

We receive thousands of applications every week. If you would like us to prioritize your paperwork, please use the Premium Service and we will ensure that your information is submitted to CBP with a priority over the regular applicants. It may take between 1 and 3 months to receive a decision on your eligibility as a Trusted Traveler. Once you receive a decision you must book and attend a compulsory interview in order to complete the process.

Premium Service
Premium applications are prioritized within the IVT system over Regular applications to ensure a faster decision regarding your suitability as a Trusted Traveler. If you are “Conditionally Approved” you must attend a compulsory interview at a Global Entry enrollment center of your choice. Interview dates are subject to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wait times and vary between enrollment centers.

Regular Service
If you are “Conditionally Approved” you must attend a compulsory interview at a Global Entry enrollment center of your choice. Interview dates are subject to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wait times and vary between enrollment centers.


Global Entry Program Fees for Children

The fees associated with the Global Entry program are as follows:




Total Cost

Government Application
* payable with a credit card

$100.00 per person*


IVT  Service
* payable through PayPal

$129.99 per person*




*(children also have to pay all fees)


If you are familiar with the CBP system and wish to apply directly with them, you can do it here.

All IVT service fees must be paid via PayPal – your application cannot be processed unless you have made a PayPal transaction. Government fees will be paid using the credit card included on your application form. Government fees are non-refundable. IVT fees are non-refundable once you receive your Trusted Traveler profile information.

Our Service

IVT specializes in the checking, processing and monitoring Trusted Traveler applications. Our dedicated staff is well-informed of all the latest updates in government policies, well-trained in all aspects of the application process, and are able to trouble-shoot any glitches in your application. The IVT service fee which should be paid through PayPal is for application review, checks and processing. It also includes the following:

  • We make sure that your application is thoroughly reviewed prior to submission to make sure it is complete and accurate according to CBP criteria;
  • We submit your application to CBP for you;
  • We advise you and of any additional documentation you must provide program (birth certificates, passports or citizenship card);
  • We advise you of any additional steps you need to take;
  • We can update you about the progress of your application within the government system;
  • We can send you your conditional approval letter if you encounter difficulties downloading it;
  • We can schedule your interview appointment for you;
  • We can answer your questions about what to expect during the interview;
  • We keep track of your log-in information for future referrals;
  • We deal with the government on your behalf as much as possible;
  • We troubleshoot all questions;
  • We are only an e-mail away to answer any question. Most questions are answered within one business day.

More questions about Global Entry? Read our FAQs


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